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How we use cookies. 
What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file, code, pixel, or other form of software that saves information regarding the browsing history of your computer or terminal used for accessing the internet. Cookies can be controlled or removed via your internet browser.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies on its internet website(s) to optimise the user experience and improve the offering of our products and services.

Different types of cookies are used including functional and session cookies which necessary for the proper function of the website, and commercial and advertising cookies some of which may require your consent before the cookie is installed on your computer or terminal. Essential or functional cookies which are necessary for the functioning of the Site  and Services do not require your consent.

How do we inform you of the cookies that we use?

When you first access the website

, the website’s banner and legal notice refers you to this cookie policy which details the type and use of the cookies used by the website. 

You can deny, restrict, remove and control the use of cookies by clicking on the Refuse button in the cookies banner or using the information contained in this policy.

When you refuse or withhold consent for the use of cookies please be aware that this may impair the functionality and performance of the website, affecting any services which are provided.

How to refuse and/or uninstall non-essential cookies?
  • You can refuse consent by clicking the Refuse button in the cookies banner.

  • You can also restrict and remove cookies on your computer.

There are two ways you may restrict and remove cookies manually on your computer. 

You can use your browser settings to identify the cookies already installed on your computer. These may be deleted singly or all at once. 

  • Apple Safari Browser: Got to “PREFERENCES” in the « SAFARI » menu, click on “PRIVACY” and the ability to block or manage cookies is given in the “Manage cookies and website data” section

  • Google Chrome Browser: “Confidentiality” section in the « Parameters» menu, « Content Parameters» subsection, provided section for « Cookies and website data».

  • Internet Explorer Browser: “Tools” menu, then “Internet Options” section, then “General” then “Browser history”, then “Parameters”, then open the “Parameters of temporary internet files and history” window, and finally, “Display files”.

  • Mozilla Firefox Browser: “Tools” menu, “Options” section, “Privacy” subsection, “Delete specific cookies” functionality. 

Alternatively, you can manually delete cookies as follows:

  • Go on your computer folder, select C:\ in the Windows folder,

  • Open the “Temporary Internet Files” folder and select all files (CTRL+A).

  • Choose the “delete” option.

You may also set your internet browser to either block or provide a warning for each installation of cookies on your terminal. The steps to follow differ for each type of browser, but you can normally find specific instructions in the “Help” function of the browser. 

Please do note that by uninstalling or blocking cookies used on our Sites this may affect or prevent you from using the full functionality and content offered by the websites. 

What types of Cookies are used by us?

Cookies can be temporary, and only last for the duration of your browsing session on the Site, or they may be permanent with a lifespan set according to the parameters allowed by your internet browser.

There are different types of cookies:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies. 

Cookies that are essential for the proper functioning of the website. Deactivation may disable the use of all or parts of the website. These cookies are not retained once you leave the website. 

  • Functional cookies.

Cookies used exclusively for providing an electronic communication service at the request of the internet user. If these cookies are uninstalled, providing this service will be rendered impossible. The cookie information is retained after your browsing session on the internet website and may be transmitted to external third parties in order to provide services. Examples of this type of cookies remember your user preferences or provide you with a “virtual shopping basket”. 

  • Analytics and audience measurement cookies.

Audience measurement cookies help us to recognize visitors to the website and how they use the website. These cookies collect and store a visitor ID in an anonymous format specific to each cookie. 

These cookies register and store the parts of the website visited by the user, the duration of each visit, and any error messages encountered; all of which help us to optimise the performance of our websites, the provision of appropriate content and user experience. Analytics cookies may also be installed and managed by our website partners however, we limit their use to the purpose of anonymized analytics data.